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Live with feedback

Positive feedback builds a better work community. Work is done in commercial and public organizations to achieve a predetermined goal or purpose. No one can successfully do their job towards a goal without milestones, checkpoints, small and bigger feedback.

Modern organizational culture is based on trust and empathy. Without psychological safety, no one can be a top performer and no team can be a top team. Failure is permitted and doing the right thing results in positive feedback and praise, which in turn leads to even more strength and creativity.

In modern organizations emphasizing self-direction, leadership requires empathy and transparency as a means of managing performance. The leader must lead the organization through positive psychology.

Today, the work community is able to provide feedback and encourage its co-workers. Peer feedback and review of each other's work improves quality and enables learning through reflection. Positive feedback leads to an even better well-being at work.

All of these feedback issues contribute to good employee experience and progressive organizational culture.

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