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It would be nice to please a coworker at a distance

But is it difficult in practice, is it?

Inches without ZoiZoi

“Our employees seem a little numb like this towards the end of the year as darkness strikes. Let's send them a power drink from R-Kiosk to brighten up the day! ”

In practice, you encounter many little obstacles:

  • How can this be sent to all of our people?

  • What product codes should be sent?

  • Are you sure you can reach everyone if you put it with text?

  • Who has that new guy's phone number?

  • With whose credit card is this purchased?

A good idea withers at the checkout: "Uh, let it be."

Same with ZoiZo - this is easy!

1. Select delight and add text

2. Select recipient (s)

3. Submit, and you're ready to come!


Recipients will be notified of a new gift that will appear in the user’s feed.


The gift is received by clicking on the feed notification.

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