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Terms of service and privacy statement

The ZoiZoi application (the “Application”) is an application provided by Binary Design Agency Oy
(the “Service Provider”) communication within the work community. By downloading, installing and deploying the
Application The user of the application (“User”) agrees to abide by these terms of use.

All content and technologies related to the Application are protected by copyright law and other applicable laws
legislation and international agreements. All ownership and intellectual property rights (including copyright) belong
exclusively to the Service Provider or it's licensors.
The Service Provider reserves all rights to the Application and its use, unless not expressly stated otherwise.

The application is intended for use in communication within the work community. The user does not the exclusive and
personal right to use the Application either within its own organization if The User is a company or other entity, or
a personal person serving the purpose of the Application for its use if the User is a natural person.
The application may only be used by the Service Provider for the uses specified in each case. The license may not be
transferred to a third party. You may not modify, copy or distribute the contents of the Application outside of the
Application, nor seek to clarify the operational logic or source code of the Application,
unless required by applicable law otherwise.

The user retains all rights to the Application that he has downloaded, entered or otherwise into the Application the
content it provides. However, the User grants the Service Provider the right to use (including copy, store and
distribute within the Application) User Submitted Content to the extent that It is necessary to provide the application.
The Service Provider may also use the User-supplied content for statistical and analytical purposes and use the
aggregated information so obtained in the Application and to develop their business.
You are responsible for ensuring that the content you provide to the Application is in compliance with the law and in
good faith and will not offend, disturb or harm other users.


The Service Provider strives to keep the Application available 24/7 on a thorough basis. However, the application can be
out of service due to maintenance, debugging or other maintenance measures. Your service provider may make changes to the Application and its functionalities at its sole discretion. The user agrees to use the latest version of the Application.
The service provider is not obliged to maintain the old Versions of the application. The Service Provider is not
responsible for downtime or other errors in the Application. Any damage or other inconvenience to the user,
The Service Provider has the right to block the User's access to the Application without any obligation to compensate or reimburse, if the User acts in violation of these terms.


The Service Provider shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages incurred by the User as a result of the use
of the Application indirect damage, subject to mandatory legislation. The service provider has the right transfer the
agreement on the use of the Application to a third party, and change these terms of use by notifying the User thereof
through the Application or in any other manner it deems appropriate.
To use the application Finnish law, excluding commercial law and conflict of law rules, applies.

Privacy Policy

In this description, we describe how Binary Design Agency Oy (the “Service Provider”) handles your personal information
when using the ZoiZoi application (the “Application”). Use of the application is subject to it
terms of use.


With regard to the personal data of the representatives of the customer organization (employer association), the Service
Provider is controller, and further information on the processing of personal data in this regard is available our
privacy statement. The service provider receives the individual, application from the customer organization
personal information of user employees from the customer organization, and is in respect of that personal information
processor of personal data and processes such personal data on behalf of the client organization. As a handler
The service provider is committed in accordance with its agreement with the customer organization
to take care of the data protection of the users of the Application in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation, e.g. by limiting the purposes for which the personal information you receive and by ensuring the security of the Application use.

The application is used for communication within the work community. When you activate the Application, you can
define yourself a username and, if desired, an image. When you use the Application, you specify
the username and message content you have entered are visible to other users of the Application in the groups
to which you have been added by the employer's representative. The application also allows you to send private messages,
in which case your personal data will be transmitted in connection with this exchange of messages. If the employer has added your birthday In the app, your birthday is reminded to other members of the same group. Application
also allows for the execution of various surveys, in which case the answers you give to the surveys will be forwarded
to the respondent.

The Service Provider will only process your personal information mentioned above in connection with the features of the Application and for its production, and not for any of its own purposes. The service provider does not have access
the content of individual messages or data. However, the Service Provider may collect from the use of the Application
available anonymous statistical, analytical and other usage data for reporting and development.

In case of any requests related to the rights of the data subject, please contact us your employer, who is the
controller for your personal data processed in the Application.


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