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  • Juha Kervinen

Coming soon: Zoizoi @ Latitude59

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Next week is going to be really exciting for us. We're attending Latitude59 conference in Tallinn, Estonia. Last year, before all of the travel restrictions, both me and Ville attended the conference as individuals and I remember it crystal clear when, after some really interesting keynotes, Ville said to me: "We need to get ready with Zoizoi, let's be here next year."

So here we are, after one year of hard but rewarding (re)designing, coding, testing and customer validation. Not as two individuals, but as an established company. And yes, we are still interested in the fantastic speakers, but this time around we are also ready to discuss with investors and take part in the mentoring workshops.

Latitude59 is organised this year as both online and on-site event and we are still discussing whether it makes sense to be there in person on should we just attend remotely. Let's see! It's really impressive how Latitude organisation has managed to pull this off, just thinking about how many events nowadays have just been flat out cancelled. Really nice effort from their part!

Anyway, regardless of the way you are attending (or not), here's something to expect from our Online Demo Booth!

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