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Lead and live with feedback

Hassle-free mobile app for continuous development of the employee experience.

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Feedback is a dish best served warm, within the hour or the next day latest.


Why ZoiZoi?

ZoiZoi helps develop the employer experience and create a positive feedback culture.

Improved employee motivation

Develop the self confidence of the employees and motivate them to work more independently.

Create a circle of continuous positive feedback between supervisors and employees as well as among employees.

A leadership more present

Give instant feedback for good performance.

Automate reward routines - birthday reminders, etc.

Get a feel for the heartbeat of the company to support traditional performance appraisals.

A happier working environment

Strengthen the atmosphere of the work environment - also off work - by presenting good news and and enabling happy, surprising interactions.

Your finger on the pulse

Collect valuable data through different polls and surveys.

The data layer of ZoiZoi makes utlizing user data in different environments very easy.


Smileys and NPS-surveys are available in many services, but why are there no easy surveys for employee mood?

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For the Employee

Receive feedback from your boss for your daily tasks

Give thanks to your co-worker easily with ZoiZoi

Share your opinion in the pulse poll and make an impact on the work environment

See your co-workers' birthdays and anniversaries and surprise them by sending them a Zoi

Live more in an geographically diverse team

For the management

Give instant feedback for good performance

Create pulse polls and other surveys for your team

Never forget a birthday or an anniversary

Learn from other leaders by following them and their teams in the feed

Point your team members toward the goal: the correct performance is best awarded instant feedback

Be a better boss and be more present in a decentralized team

For the HR department

Help the supervisors be better leaders by encouranging them to use ZoiZoi

Measure the heartbeat of the organization easily with a Zoi poll

Collect valuable data in addition to the traditional employee satisfaction surveys and sick leave information

Support the development of the organization culture and improve the employee experience

Image by Yucel Moran

Without feedback, how will you know you are moving in the right direction?

What is ZoiZoi?

The ZoiZoi mobile app is used by the employees and the management. With ZoiZoi, it is easy to remember and give thanks to co-workers, stay in touch with employees and get a feel for the mood of the work environment.

Send a Zoi!

Easy to remember and reward - send a Zoi to a co-worker or an employee.

Micro Devtalk

A continuous feedback loop improves the connection between the management and the employees. No more unclarity about the right direction.You can provide and receive performance feedback continuously.

Company feed

Everybody stays on top of the company happenings and are able to participate in sharing the good vibes - also when working from home or on a work trip.


Quick polls

Keep your finger on the work groups pulse with quick polls. Automate polls to recur weekly or monthly or create single polls quickly and easily.


Zoi automatically sends reminders of important dates. Never forget birthdays or those important vacations again!.


Users earn points and can use them for movie tickets.

The management and the HR department uses a separate management tool to add users, monitor poll and survey results and other automatically collected data.

How do I get started?

ZoiZoi is a mobile application, which is easy to start using and use.

The AWS based reliable service is secure and GDPR compliant. We also offer an API for utilization of the organization's user data.

Supported onboarding

Onboarding is easy and safe. The supervisors are trained to the app during onboarding.

ZoiZooi can be integrated to the organization's user management (O365 AD) to automate adding and removing users.

Reliable cloud service

For iOS and Android

The user downloads the app automatically from an invite link, registers and joins the organization's ZoiZoi group.


The ZoiZoi team offers continuous customer service and support the use and optimization of ZoiZoi. The use and results can be optimized based on user statistics together.


Data is needed to develop employee wellness, but where would data in addition to eployee surveys and sick leave be found?

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1-50 user

10€ user/month

For single teams and trying ZoiZoi. 

Suits daily work of a decentrazied specialist team and upholding the culture

50-300 user

1500€ / month

To support an entire organization or a part of a larger organization.

Intagration of user management (O365 AD) is recommended to ease using and removing users.

>300 user

Contact us!

Onboarding and user support is planned on a turnkey basis.

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